UK Polythene Bag Charges - The eco-friendly carrier bag alternatives

Following restrictions imposed by the European Commission, (EC), many UK retailers are now charging for polythene carrier bags in a bid to reduce their usage.

How We Are Doing Our Part

Janez Potočnik, Environment Commissioner for the EU, said "We're taking action to solve a very serious and highly visible environmental problem. Some member states have already achieved great results in reducing their use of polythene bags. If others followed suit we could reduce today's overall consumption in the EU by as much as 80%."

The variety of eco-friendly carrier bags available, which include cotton bags, jute bags, canvas bags and woven bags, gives retailers the opportunity to offer their customers an environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional polythene bag.

Another Perspective

From the view point of the consumer, nothing is more annoying than having a handful of goods and then being told you have to pay for a polythene carrier. We have seen a marked increase over the last year with retailers opting for eco-friendly alternatives.

Our range of printed fabric carrier bags demonstrates the high class finishes which can be achieved for a variety of different designs and branding. 

Of course there are times when polythene bags are the only sensible option, such as when goods require weather protection. On these occasions we are delighted to offer our Biothene degradable film at no extra cost.

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