Kraft Bags with Flat Tape Handles

Flat tape handle kraft paper carrier bags from Print and Packaging. Popular with delicatessens, takeaways and other food outlets.

Why choose this bag?

One of the main benefits of kraft paper bags are that they are strong and reusable, as well as recyclable and compostable.  Our printed Kraft paper bags are environmentally friendly, made with paper from fully sustainable FSC certified sources.


This flat paper tape handle bag is made from 70gsm kraft paper and available in either plain white or brown. These bags can be printed in full colour (cmyk), spot (Pantone) colours or Digital full colour.

Number of Colours Print Method Minimum Order Delivery
4 Transfer 1000 1 week
1 Flexographic 1000 7-10 days
Up to 6 colours (including CMYK) Flexographic 1000 for spot Cols / 3000 for CMYK 5/6 weeks
Standard Sizes - Transfer Printed/Overprinted Bags Standard sizes - 2+ colours and CMYK
180mm width x 220mm height x 80mm gusset 180mm width x 220mm height x 90mm gusset
200mm width x 280mm height x 100mm gusset 180mm width x 270mm height x 90mm gusset
220mm width x 360mm height x 105mm gusset 220mm width x 254mm height x 100mm gusset
260mm width x 330mm height x 100mm gusset 255mm width x 310mm height x 125mm gusset
320mm width x 420mm height x 140mm gusset 255mm width x 400mm height x 125mm gusset
400mm width x 450mm height x 160mm gusset 320mm width x 390mm height x145mm gusset
450mm width x 480mm height x 170mm gusset 450mm width x 450mm height x 140mm gusset

Perfect for...

takeaways, delicatessens and sandwich shops.  

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